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    Welcome to my teacher's webpage! My name is Riyadha Gray and I am the art teacher at both South and East campuses. I teach Foundations of Art periods 1 and 2 at South, then periods 4, 6, 7, and 8 and East.
    In this course we learn about the building blocks of art, the elements of art (lines, shapes, colors, forms, space, texture and values) as well as the principles of design (rhythm, pattern, emphasis, balance, contrast, and proportion).
    Students will also dive into a multitude of visual arts mediums, techniques and art movements/eras!
    This is a year-long course. If students pass this course for the school year, they will meet their graduation requirement for 1 year of visual and performing arts credit! Students are then eligible to move to the next level of visual arts in their sophomore, junior or senior year (animation, drawing/painting, digital art photography and AP art).
    Students have the opportunity of creating art that is meaningful, personal, creative and challenging!