Health and Physical Education
    I am a Health and Physical Education teacher at Perth Amboy High School- South Campus.  I have taught in Perth Amboy for 25 years and I still enjoy working with the students!!
    I have several degrees from different universities that I've attended throughout my career.  I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from Penn State University.  I have a Master of Science Degree in the speciality of Adult Fitness from the University of Arizona.  I also have a Master of Arts Degree from Kean University in Educational Leadership.  I enjoy being a student as much as I enjoy being a teacher!!!
    I have been involved with our Girls' Track and Field program since I started teaching in Perth Amboy.  I am currently the Head Coach of Girls' Winter and Spring Track.  I encourage all of my student-athletes to be the best they can whether it be in the classroom or on the playing field.  My motto is, "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!!"
    I can be reached via the following.  My contact email address is rhondakelman@paps.net. I can also be reached via my cell phone in case of emergency @ 609-439-3282.  The following classes will have the passcodes into their Google Classroom pages:

    Period 2: 35o1qz

    Period 4: hnw2sx 

    Period 5: 6872oh

    Period 7: sy3cyab 

    Period 8: I0kqil

     Period 9:  kh7gmq

     Please make sure to check in to Google Classroom for your daily assignments!! Stay safe!!