Vice Principal's Corner @ East Campus


    Welcome to the Freshman Academy--East Campus!


    For all our 9th-graders, I have a challenge for you: try to predict your future. Now if you don't have a crystal ball, that's okay. Use your imagination. What do you see? Where will you be? What will you be doing? Who will be with you? Think about this over the course of 1 year. 4 years. 15... 30...You may not be able to see exactly what the answers are to those questions, but here at the Freshman Academy, we are going to help you see that future more clearly and prepare yourself for whatever may come. We are going to help you understand how to make the right choices and build a variety of skills that will serve you well as you become active citizens, future employees, and someday heads of households. Our teachers, support staff, and administrators are going to help you take control of and mold that future so you can make it your own. As you will see in our hallways, “Your Journey Begins Here”.

    I am excited and honored to be in this position as Vice-Principal to advocate for you as students and for your families. One of my core beliefs is that “while you may not be able to change the whole world, you can certainly change the world around you”. As a former Social Studies teacher and Department Coordinator, I passionately pursued knowledge and experience to become a resource for all students in order to help every one of you realize the potential that you have. Once you harness the power that you have to learn, you take control of your destiny.


    Of course, all of this cannot be done without the most people in a student’s life: their parents and guardians. As we in the Freshman Academy work hard to help students grow, we will ask for the support from the families of our students. Family Nights, “Student Oscar’s Celebrations”, and several other engagement efforts will make our school truly a second home for our students.

    Please do not be shy: stop by my office or see me in the halls if you have a question, comment, or concern. My email address is for students, families, and community members who may want to contact me that way. I have been so fortunate to have supportive, caring people in my life who have helped me navigate the challenges that life throws at you, especially during the time that you as students are going through right now as 9th Graders. Here in the Freshman Academy, we will be those people for you!


    Mr. Romano