Room 43’s Class Rules

    Rule – (n) –a guide for proper actions that promotes safety, and fairness amongst a group.

    Procedure – (n) –a way of performing a task that makes it easier, and keeps things organized, a way to perform a task in a certain group.

    Rules –these tell you how to act with your classmates, and teachers. They talk about things such as respect, and fairness.

    Procedures –these tell you how to do things like your class work, homework, projects, lining up, and classroom jobs the correct way.


    Here areYourClass Rules for this year!

    1.           Be Kind !:

    ·cooperate with others


    ·raise your hand and wait

    ·compliment before criticism (say something nice before saying what is incorrect or needs improvement)

    ·walk quietly in the halls.


    2.        Be Proud ! :

    ·always take pride in what you do, don’t hand in a sloppy mess, because your work reflects who you are

    ·always try and do your best


    3.        Be Involved ! :

    ·never be afraid to share and idea or opinion! Your classmates, and teachers are interested in what you have to say, and you might help someone learn!

    ·no one can do your work as good as you can


    4.        Be Ready ! :

    ·have your homework done

    ·have all your supplies (pencils, books, folders)

    ·be on time

    ·be organized

    ·sleep well