• English 1 CP is a required course designed to introduce first-year students to different genres in literature (novel, play, epic, poetry, memoir) and foster critical thinking and analytical skills. Students will attain an understanding of each genre’s key features through the reading of complex literature and informational texts. The aim is to delve into texts through close reading--not glide over the surface.  These studies will also encourage the development of communication skills, including grammar, research presentation, composition, and vocabulary. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation on which to build their skills, moving forward toward more sophisticated texts and synthesis.

     Text: Springboard Close Reading Workshop
     Novels: The House on Mango Street, To Kill A Mockingbird
     Drama: Romeo and Juliet
    Classroom Rules:
    1. Respect your teacher, yourself, and others
    2. Be on time and prepared
    3. School rules will be strictly enforced in our classroom. NO hats, headphones, cell phones, or any other restricted items may be brought to class. The dress code will be enforced.

    Grading:          Tests/ Essays/ Projects=60%

                            Quizzes/Open Ended Questions=35%

                            Practice (Classwork/Homework)=5%

                            Class Motivation/Participation = will add to your final grade