• The following is a list of student expectations.  We practice these expectations on a daily basis and they are clear and specific so that your child knows how to behave in a positive manner. These expectations can change over time. The goal of these expectations is for students to work together in making the right choice and become independent learners to reach the highest level of performance. Beginning on the first day of school, two expectations will be introduced, discussed, and practiced.  Practicing these expectations will take time.  The following is what will be reviewed and posted daily in the classroom.

    Our Hopes and Dreams for the school year is to take care of our learning and each other's in a calm and peaceful community.  

    • We look and listen when a teacher is speaking.
    • We look and listen to others and wait our turn.
    • We will raise our hands quietly.
    • We will stand in a line, stay there, and be quiet.
    • We will sit crisscross applesauce in one spot.
    • We will use our time to learn when a teacher is with students.
    • We will keep our environment clean by:  picking up garbage, keeping our pencils and crayons in one piece, keeping the inside of our desks neat and organized, and taking care of anything given by a teacher.
    • We will speak with kind words.  

     Remember these expectations are for you to make the right choices and become independent learners that help each other with working together in our classroom community!