• Course Expectations:

    1. Students are expected to enter the Google Meet on time with Cameras ON, face in full view and microphone muted. 
    2. Chat use is only for responses requested by the teacher or questions for the teacher.
    3. School Rules apply:  Be Kind.  Be Respectful.
    4. Students are expected to do their best work at all times.


    Overview of the year

    Introduction to Robotics,

    Design and Solutions


    Time Frame


    Introduction to Engineering and Robotics

    2 weeks

    The responsibilities and functions of engineers.


    3 weeks

    The parts that form the base of a robot

    Gears & Motion

    2 weeks

    The components that make a robot move

    Power & Energy

    4 weeks

    The sensors that a robot uses to analyze its environment and how it adjusts its behavior based on that knowledge.

    Design Projects

    Marking periods 3 & 4

    Students design robots for authentic purposes by applying the engineering design process.  

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday 1:30 - 2:15pm