• Classroom Expectations

    ·         Come to class on time (BEFORE the tardy bell rings).

    ·         Come to class PREPARED and ready to work.

    ·         No food in class.

    ·         Raise your hand before speaking.

    ·         Respect the rights, property, and opinions of others.

    ·         NO cell phones, tablets, headphones, etc. in class.


    Homework Policy:

    NO late homework will be accepted unless absent.

    Absences and Makeup Work:

    ·         If homework was due, it is to be turned in the day you return to class.

    ·         If you miss class, it is your responsibility to retrieve any missed work either via email, another classmate, or before school.  

    You will have TWO days from date of return to turn in any missed work.
    Google classroom codes for 2021 MP1 and 2:
    Period 1 Human and Physical Geography:
    Period 2 Human and Physical Geography:
    Period 4 Freshmen Survey: 
    Period 6 Freshmen Survey: 
    Period 7 Freshmen Survey: 
    Period 8 Freshmen Survey: