• Preschoolers are so very curious and playful! These characteristics are the springboard for how they learn best, which is 'playing' through the exploration process.  Here at Hmieleski, we use Creative Curriculum in order to focus on a particular topic and create learning opportunities!  We have so much fun exploring our world using our thematic studies!  In addition to the study at hand, we are also learning about our routines, our emotions and how to be kind!  We are taking every opportunity so that your child is confident of the routine and knows what to expect at school.  We have weekly jobs that rotate so that each child knows how to be a helpful part of a community.

    Our studies this year are the following:

    1. All About Me/School Routines

    2. Apples

    3. Zoo

    4. Water

    5. Insects

    We are so excited for the 2023/2024 school year.  We thank you in advance for making our Room 124 Family possible!

    All the Best,

    Ms. Tifany and The 124 Family