• At the start of 2020-2021, we will all be starting the school year remotely.  For this reason, it will be beneficial to start the year with Health Education.  Each student will have Health four times per week with the exception of when they have their lab section for Science class.  

    As  Health and Physical Educator, I wear "two hats."  In the Health classroom, I expect my students to come prepared for lessons in the curriculum of Relationships, the development of self-esteem, and Human Sexuality.  Students may be assigned written classroom assignments, exams, and a project which shows a culmination of their knowledge of the course as well as their own creativity.  The break-down of their grade consists of 65% classroom assignments, 35% written tests, and 5% homework assignments.


    In Physical Education class, the importance of movement and fitness takes precedence. Our students take part in a set curriculum including  Fitness Gram Assessment of their strength, flexibility, body composition, and cardiovascular endurance.  Activities include a variety of team and individual sports activities including team building, Volleyball, Badminton, Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, LaCrosse, Ultimate Frisbee to name a few.  Students must show a willingess to participate daily regardless of their skill entry level.  Participation is a major component of their grade.  Skill and fitness assessments are also a component worth 35% of the marking period grade.   A greater emphasis is placed on individual progression and growth throughout the year.  The final area involves homework assignments which are worth 5% of their marking period of grade. For more infomation about our Health and Phys Ed program at Freshmen Academy please see the following: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1paFPoYt5XubmVkQQk0yNIRgxh9zElSZe/view?usp=sharing