• Curriculum


    Our balanced literacy program includes the Four Blocks of Literacy, a 90 minute Reading Block, the Collins Writing Program and Guided Reading. E.S.L., Social Studies, Bilingual Education, Handwriting, Computer Assisted Instruction, Special Education, Health, Science, Spelling, Developmental Writing Program, Language Arts, Basic Skills, Library Skills, Music, Full Day Kindergarten, Physical Education/Safety, and Art are all included in the schools curriculum.


    Gifted and Talented Programs, Substance Awareness Counseling, Basic Skills, Child Study Team, Student Staff Support, Library Media Center, English As A Second Language, Team Speech, Nurse, Instrumental Music, Pupil Assistance Committee, Extended School Year, Conflict Resolution, Child Assault Prevention Program, Extended School Day, Counseling Program, Field Day, Phonographix, Guidance Counselor, Comer Reading is Fundamental, Bridgeways Leveled Reading, Gifted & Talented Program, Summer Enrichment Program, Techno Train, Dental Program, Thematic Instruction, Computer Assisted Instruction, RIF (Reading Is Fundamental), Parent College, Early Morning Intervention Program, Tutoring, Parent Support Group, Social Worker, Parent Coordinator, Saturday Morning ESL Program, Morning Walking Club, Breakfast Club.