•    Here at the Wilentz School, we are excited to start implementing a brand-new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM…or “METS” here at Wilentz) enrichment program after school. This is a program which was piloted over this past summer with great success.
       Our club workshops include hands-on, minds-on challenges and projects led by certified teachers. Students will experience Science and Engineering in ways that can change their attitudes towards science and spark new interest in school and future careers in the "STEM' professions and trades.
    Program Coordinators/Facilitators: Morgan Stapelfeldt and Joel Polidura
    Click below on the METS logo to see a slideshow from our Curiosity Unleashed - A METS Makerspace Summer Program
    Click Below to see our METS Makerspace Summer Open House
    The following is a picture gallery of our afterschool program from last year.