• Discipline

    Dear Parents,

     I am delighted that your son/daughter is in my class this year. We can all look forward to many exciting and rewarding experiences as the year progresses.

    As I firmly believe that life-long success depends on self-discipline, I have developed a Classroom Discipline Plan that affords every student the opportunity to manage his or her own behavior. Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth. Therefore, this plan will be in effect at all times.

    Classroom Rules:

        1.Stay in your seat.

    2.Raise your hand.

    3.Listen for and follow directions.

    4.Be friendly and quiet. Use “inside” voices.

    5.Use “walking” feet.

    To encourage students to follow the classroom rules, I will reinforce appropriate behavior with:

    Stickers, Free-time, Weekly Rewards, Monthly Rewards, Positive Notes, Surprises, and Phone Calls._____________________________________________________________

    **If a student chooses to break a rule:

    1st time: Warning

    2nd time: Name Written on board

    3rd time: Time taken away from playtime

    4th time: Phone call home

    5th time or Severe Disruption: Parent will have to come to school

    My students have been informed about the Classroom Discipline Plan, but I would appreciate it if you would review the plan with your child, then sign and return the form below. I will be communicating with you frequently throughout the year to keep you aware of your child’s progress. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


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    I have read your Classroom Discipline Plan and discussed it with my child.

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