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    Welcome to 4th Grade
    Dear Parents and Students,
     Welcome to 4thgrade! I hope you have enjoyed your summer and are ready to return back to school to learn. We have a busy and exciting year ahead of us. This will be my 19th year at Edward J.Patten School in Perth Amboy. I consider myself very fortunate to be amongst amazing professional teachers, wonderful students, and involved parents.
       We will be involved in many exciting activities in 4th grade and have fun while we are learning. Many lessons in my class are done in a cooperative setting. These cooperative groups allow students to interact with their peers and in return they will be able to reinforce the lessons that are being taught with one another. We will have many projects (PBL’s) where students will have the opportunity to use their technology skills to research the theme and create their PBL's.
       At times, 4thgrade will be challenging. I have an open communication system in my classroom. My students will be informed that if they are struggling, they should make me aware because I will do my very best to teach the theme/skill/curriculum in different ways. I am aware that children learn in different ways: visual learners, kinesthetic learners, and auditory learners. Therefore, I believe having an open communication with my students will make them feel more at ease.
       In closing, I believe one of the most important aspects of a child’s education is the reinforcement he/she gets at home. The daily lessons being taught are reinforced by homework. Homework is given to your child so that they can practice the concepts or skills taught that day. In order to have success, students must be responsible, organized, and motivated to learn. Their daily homework needs to be completed and brought back to school. Please check their homework folder every night.
       I realize that teaching your child is a privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility. I will work hard to ensure that each student in my class has a motivating and safe learning experience. Finally, I believe that a great partnership between teacher, student, and parents is a wonderful way to achieve success. I need each of you to encourage your child at home by helping to ensure that they have completed their assignments and help them study for quizzes and tests. To contact me, I welcome letters, phone calls, and parent/teacher meetings throughout the year. 
    I know that with your help we are going to have a spectacular year.
    Best Regards,
    Mrs. Nieves