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    Hello guys! thanks for visiting my page, I am a former Perth Amboy student and I also a Bilingual student just like YOU. After attending Perth Amboy High School for the last two years I went to Kean Univeristy and graduated with a double Degree on Biology and Mathematics. I worked as a Biology Lab Assistant at Middlesex County College for two years and a half, but I it did not fulfilled my career expectation. I always loved math, that was the only reason I did my second major on Mathematics at Kean University and the main reason why I became a Math teacher. I had to go back to school to take education classes and after one year I received my Teaching Certificate. This is my sixth year here at Shull School and I love working here. This school year I will be teaching the 7th grade Bilingual Math classes,  you will be learning about Number System, Algebraic Expressions, Ratios and Proportions, Geometry and much more. We will be doing many fun activities and projects, you will see that you can have fun while learning math lessons.
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