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    Mr. Nogueira
    I am available for parent conferences between 10:43-11:30am.  If you need to meet after school please call the main office or email me at jorgnogueira@paps.net to schedule an appointment.
    Google Classroom Codes
    ABC Days                                     
    Period 1 ceofnet
    Period 2 msvgbds
    Period 3 q2p2kie
    Period 5 kzdivyc
    Period 6 pa7b7ys
    Period 7 djkippr
    DEF Days
    Period 1 f7n5f60
    Period 2 k3iouni
    Period 3 p4qcoxv
    Period 5 ruhdqr3
    Period 7 tdc4zfe