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    2020 Back to School Presentation


    Welcome to the Library Media Center 
    Patricia Astarita, Library Media Specialist
    x 26-437

    Mission Statement
    To teach students how to find information, grow an appreciation for literature, and protect every individual's right to free expression. Our highest priority and proudest achievement is in providing a welcoming, safe, tolerant, and comfortable space for the whole school community.


    • Teach information literacy skills that will enable students to find reliable sources.

    • Inspire students to read.

    • Promote and protect the constitutional right of free expression.

    • Provide the most current print and digital research resources.

    • Model and encourage empathy, mindfulness, and social responsibility. 

    • Provide an environment that nurtures curiosity, imagination, and collaboration.



    Library Fast FAQs                                    

    • How many books can I check out? 2
    • How many weeks can I keep a book? 2 weeks
    • Are there late fees for overdue books? No
    • If I lose or damage a book, will I have to pay for it?Yes
    • When is the library open? 8am - 2:35pm
    • Can I come to the library during recess? Yes,with a library lunch pass.
  • Add to Our Collection

    If there is a resource you think our Library should have click the link above providing as much information as possible so that it can be purchased. Be sure to include the title and the author.


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  • On Our Shelves,

    come in to the Library today to check out these books or get your name on the waiting list.


    I am Malala



    the hate u give

    Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends


    minecraft the island

    Washed up on a beach, the lone castaway looks around the shore. Where am I? Who am I? And why is everything made of blocks? But there isn’t much time to soak up the sun. It’s getting dark, and there’s a strange new world to explore!

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