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    Tara van den Akker
    Grade 2- General Teacher
    Dr. Herbert N. Richardson 21st Century School
    School Buildings are HYBRID- Concurrent learning is in effect!
    Please join the Google Meet by 8:35 AM!
    Room 121, 2020-2021 School Year News!
    Week of June 21, 2021

    Week of June 21, 2021
    A Few Reminders about the new schedule:
    1) The AM Meet will start as soon as I bring the in-person students into the room. This should be by 8:35 am, 
    2) We do not have lunch now until 12:45.
    The Schedule  looks likes this:
    8:35 Homeroom
    8:45 Period 1
    9:15 Period 2
    9:45 Period 3
    10:15 Period 4
    10:45 Period 5 students can snack at this time
    11:15 Period 6
    11:45 Period 7
    12:15 Period 8
    12:45 Dismissal ( meet will end at about 12:40) and Lunch
    1:30 COHORT B
    2:15 My afterschool group
    3:00 End of extended day.
    3) There may be times that the meet is paused due to on campus events like drills.
    Thank you for being flexible! 

    Students that come in person will get their gifts from me either on the Tuesday or the Thursday.

    For those that are full remote, I will be infront of the main door of the school:

    Tuesday 12:50 until 2:05 and from 3:10 until 3:55
    Thursday 1:30 until 2:05

    for picking up of the gift.

    If none of these times work, please let me know ASAP so I can work something out with you.
    Please Remember that our Meet times are currently 8:35 to 12:45, with 1:30 to 3 for those who elected full day ONLY. Students must return from lunch by 1:30 pm if they are in extended day!
    Have a Wonderful week!
    Important links:
    www.paps.net<http://www.paps.net/> - District webpage
    https://www.paps.net/richardson - Richardson School Webpage
    https://www.paps.net/Domain/1309 - My teacher webpage
    Id Portal:  https://idportal.paps.net/  - here for Razzkids, IReady, ConnectED, Dreambox, Middlebury
    Google Classroom Homepage: https://classroom.google.com/ must be signed in with student username/password to view!
    With ALL my teacher love-
    Tara van den Akker
    Grade 2- General Teacher
    Dr. Herbert N. Richardson 21st Century School