School Narrative

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    Samuel E. Shull Middle School exemplifies our district’s mission to provide all students with a solid academic foundation. Through the efforts of all staff coupled with parental support, Shull School provides the resources, support services, and fiscal management that focus on students achieving or exceeding the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. 

    Recently, the New Jersey Department of Education, in partnership with the Consortium for School Networking (COSN), selected the Samuel E. Shull Middle School as an “InnovateNJ Initiative” School.  This distinction recognizes the school as a leader in the State of New Jersey for its use of technology in providing instructional support.  This distinction was earned through the innovative, creative and effective uses of educational technology by the highly qualified staff employed by the Samuel E. Shull Middle School, and enabled by the extensive and accessible professional development opportunities for all staff members.  The staff participates in this professional development in Professional Learning Communities where administrators, teachers, support staff, and other selected outside experts provide facilitated learning opportunities in order to improve the quality of classroom instruction and introduce practitioners to the practical applications of research-validated strategies.

    Samuel E. Shull Middle School has nearly 900 students in grades 6 - 8.  The goal of our New Jersey Student Learning Standards aligned curriculum is to promote a collaborative, student-directed learning environment that provides a unique learning experience for all learning styles.  Our core curriculum subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, and Health are supplemented with electives in Technology Education, Art, TV Production, and Music.   Our mathematics program provides a comprehensive instructional framework. Our Science offerings include a Physics class that is taken in conjunction with Algebra for our advanced students.  Additionally, there are advanced level classes in Language Arts and Mathematics in Grades 6-8.  Students with disabilities have an Individualized Education Plan, which ensures that they are given the extra support needed, while supporting the student’s education within the least restrictive environment.  Shull School also provides Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) as well as an ESL Bridge Program to support students transitioning from the Bilingual Education setting.

    We have a focus on improving literacy to ensure that all students read on grade level.   We offer a robust reading intervention program that is used to address the needs of students reading below grade level.   Our literacy block uses the Three Tiered Model of Instruction which provides a structure for student improvement in knowledge and skill in regards to using reading strategies that improve understanding and the ability to think and reason about the information and concepts in the text. In order to infuse literacy instruction across all content areas, all teachers craft an annual Student Growth Objective (SGO) based on a literacy standard.  

    Since our curricula are rigorous and challenging, we have an Academic Learning Center Program that offers academic support in language arts and mathematics before and after school. Additionally, we offer a variety of co-curricular activities including sports and clubs. Interscholastic sports include girls and boys’ soccer, wrestling, girls and boys’ basketball, girls cheerleading, softball, and baseball. Clubs offered include Art, Band, Yearbook, Odyssey of the Mind, and House Student Councils. 

    An active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) supports the school program. We also strive to further engage our families into the school community through the House System. Our ultimate goal is to promote the academic, personal and social development of students in a safe, inclusive learning environment.