• Grading Policy:

    Formal and informal Assessments =60%

    Classwork = 35%

    Homework = 5%





                        Mr. Kregeloh’s = Class Procedures 

     Raise your “quiet hand” if you have a question or comment.

        No Calling out.  Why?


    Wait for others to finish talking before you start. Why?


    Be Respectful. What does this mean? Why is it important?


    Lates = Zero on Do Now   


    Make up class work when absent / pick a class work buddy. 


    Passes = Write out pass completely (Name, Time, Date & your destination), with place for teacher to sign. If we don’t sign your pass, then it is not a good time, or your pass was not filled out completely.  


    Follow fire drill and lock down procedures. (teacher will explain)