• My name is Robert Evangelista;I am a Special Education teacher at Samuel E, Shull. I work with students who need extra assistance in their core subjects. If you have any questions, you can email me at robeevangelista@paps.net


    Mr.Evangelista/Ms. Medina rm 333 periods 1-2 and 5-6 google classroom class code: 05vgv0z

    Mr. Evangelista/Ms. Medina rm 333 periods 7-9 and 13: google classroom code: 5i2545d

    Mr. Evangelista/Ms. Medina rm 333 periods 14-17 google classroom class code: ufr2nnv


    Grading Policy


    Formal and Informal Assessments  (test,quizzes,projects,benchmarks, etc)         60%

    Classwork (practice work, center work, tier III instruction, class participation       35%

    Homework (any assigned work to finish later)                                                      5%