Degrees and Certifications:

NJ Credential for Sciences K-12 NJ Credential for Social Studies K-12 CA Credential for Geo-sciences K-12 CA Credential for Social Studies K-12 USC BA: History and Criminal Social Psychology CSUN MA: Curriculum & Instruction (Education) USC MA: Criminal Psychology

Mrs. Anna Tkatch

My childhood was filled with many adventures in Europe and the East Coast which helps to envigorate my ability to engage my students. But my journey to be a teacher has had a lot of side jobs: DHS, Military, Writer, Podcaster, and many others. I use these various jobs to help my students realize that there is a world of opportunities for them out in the world. In the state of New Jersey, I am credentialed to teach Social Studies and Science. At Shull, I am teaching 8th Grade Science. I came from California where I taught both Science and Social Studies for more than 15 years in Los Angeles. I am on the AP Advocates Board which helps to encourage students to take AP and Honors courses during K-12. I am hoping to engage the students to grow and become productive members of society.