A space where students can gather to invent, create, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of fun tools and materials.


    The Shull School MakerSpace is a hands-on, prototyping classroom that was designed and built by students to be the center of innovation and creativity for the school. The room is a community collaborative space for students and teachers to turn ideas they are passionate about into reality. The space promotes the solving of real-world problems through the steps of the Engineering Design Process and digital fabrication. Students in the MakerSpace are taught to take control of their own learning and have an active role in deciding how they use the room. 

    Students understand that not everything will go their way in the MakerSpace. Failing multiple times is part of the journey to finding a successful solution and to an improved understanding. 

                                                                             What Most People Think vs. What Successful People Know

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    The DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL website is a destination for creative tween and teens, promoting the message: You are creative and can solve problems. You can make things that help people. We want you to join DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL. Let's dream big. Let's build something together.