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    Research is:

    • Driven by a question or problem that then guides the process.
    • Seeking information with a clear goal in mind.
    • A process, which works best when done step- by-step. The steps may need to be repeated, as the process is reiterative.
    • Collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem or answer the question.
    • Going beyond facts and old ideas.
    • Taking a new look at the information and taking a stand. Make sure you are including YOUR opinion in your research note

    Research is not:

    • Copying and pasting information you find through a Google search.
    • Combining a paragraph from one article with a couple of paragraphs from websites. That's plagiarism.
    • Writing a "report."
    • Rearranging facts.
    • Rewording each phrase and citing each source. That's just a summary of facts with someone else's name on them and still can be classified as plagiarism.
    • Remember, begin with a "wide net" in your search and then narrow your search results from there. You will generally find more information than with a very narrow search.
    • Don't wear "blinders" as you look for information on your topic. If you only look for specific information to answer a specific question, you may miss many opportunities to broaden your understanding of your topic.
    • Allow for surprises- you may find your views on your topic will change and take you in an entirely new direction.
    • Remember that research is searching again and again (re - search).
    • In the process of doing research, you will be looking at information that others have looked at before, trying to see something that they have not seen.


    A Research Guide from Johnson & Wales University

    Step 1. Develop a topic

    Step 2. Locate information

    Step 3. Evaluate and Analyze information

    Step 4. Write, Organize and COmmunicate Information

    Step 5. Cite



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