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    • To allow students to explore the television production field with a hands-on learning experience.
    • Enhance students understanding of the reality of the television world.



    • Creating a variety of video shows and projects, for airing on Perth Amboy Television (PATV) and the PAHS Morning Announcements.
    • Discovering careers and pathways in the television production field.
    • Possible Field Trips – Joint venture with Television Production Classes.
    • Guest Lecturers – Joint venture with Television Production Classes.



    • Open to all High School Students who are responsible, mature minded, and work extremely well with others. 

                       *Members, as well as officers, to be determined and accepted solely by the Advisors*.




    David Garb           

    Audio-Visual Production Specialist                                                       

    (PATV)   Perth Amboy Television                                              

    davegarb@paps.net                    732-376-6030     Extention: 23538


    Coralia Depalma

    Audio-Visual Production Specialist

    (PATV)    Perth Amboy Television

    coradepalma@paps.net               732-376-6030     Extention: 23438






    Full Sports Game Coverage:

    Play-By-Play Announcers – Videographers (Future: full production Crew)


    Public Service Announcements:

    Create 30-second to (?) public service announcements, (school related, any Ideas?)


    School Tapings – High School and District Wide:

    Concerts/shows/lectures/activities/special events/**etc**