2024-2025 Preschool Registration 

  • Online Registration is now open! >>> Click here

    Preschool Registration
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    *Please note that the June 13th and June 18th in-person events have been canceled.*

    Please note that the age of eligibility cutoff has changed, as of the May Board of Education meeting held on May 4, 2023 for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Now, any child whose third or fourth birthday falls on or before October 31 is eligible to enter the preschool program in September of the same year.

    Before you begin...

    • Please refer to the Preschool Registration Forms page (click here) to access any forms that you may need for registration.
    • Please remember that all digital documents should be in the following digital formats: JPG, PNG, or PDF.
    • In addition, for easier access to your documents, it would be helpful to label and organize your documents into one folder on your electronic device.

  • Preschool Online Registration Checklist (2024-2025)
    Please note this is for first time registrants only.
    The application will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
    You will be given an application number so that you can save and return to complete it as needed. 
    Please remember to save this application number.



    As proof of student residency, please provide ONE (1) document listed in category A and TWO (2) documents listed in category B.

    Category A: One (1) of the following documents must be current

      • Deed
      • Current Lease (You will only need first page and signature page)
      • A notarized Blue affidavit* (Blue affidavit - English/Spanish) from the owner of the home.
      • If residing with another family who rents a home, a notarized Yellow affidavit** (Yellow affidavit - English/Spanish) from the host family and their lease needs to be provided.
      • If residing with another family who are homeowners, a notarized Yellow affidavit** (Yellow affidavit - English/Spanish) from the host family and their deed needs to be provided.
      • If child(ren) is/are residing with someone other than the parent/guardian temporarily, a notarized Pink affidavit* (Pink affidavit - English/Spanish) needs to be provided with the person’s lease or deed.

    *Affidavits are only valid for one (1) year.
    **If you submit a yellow affidavit, you will also need to upload (2) documents from Category B for BOTH host and Parent.

    Category B: Two (2) of the following documents that show your current address dated within the past 30 days

      • Gas, electricity, cable, phone or water bill
      • Payroll check/stub
      • First class mail/letter from state or federal agency
      • Bank statement
      • Tax Bill


    CHILD’S PHYSICAL EXAM (physical exam form) *New Jersey State Law requires children entering preschool to have CURRENT physical exams that must be dated within the last year.


    Demonstrating that the child has been immunized for:

    • DPT (4 doses)
    • POLIO (3 doses)
    • HIB (1 dose – on or after 1st birthday)
    • MMR (1 dose – on or after the 1st birthday)
    • Varicella (on or after 1st birthday or proof of disease immunity)
    • Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV) (1 dose – on or after 1st birthday)
    • Hepatitis B (3 doses).

    PHOTO IDENTIFICATION Parent/Guardian must provide proof of identity.

    CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION (if applicable) *Divorced or separated parents and guardians must provide a copy of a formal court document demonstrating the child’s custody.


    Office of Early Childhood Education
    Ms. Michelle Loconte, Early Childhood Supervisor michloconte@paps.net 732-376-6200, ext. 30-234
    Ms. Maribel Falsone, Secretary marifalsone@paps.net 732-376-6200 ext. 30-160



    Families who are concerned about their child's development, aged three to five, may access the Child Find website located below. The link will also provide information on community services available, and it will assist the Perth Amboy School District to identify unserved children who need special education and related services from age three to twenty-one. You may also contact the District's Department of Special Education Services at (732)-376-6200 ext. 30-224 to answer any questions regarding the evaluation process. https://www.nj.gov/health/fhs/eis/public-reporting/child-find/