Information Technology

  • Mr. Keith Kolibas
    Director of Technology
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 23-485

    Ms. Emily Pabon - Technology Department Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 23-585

    Tech in Music
    The Perth Amboy Public School District is proud to have a large Information Technology staff and network infrastructure to support growing technology offerings throughout the district.

    State of the Art Equipment
    Students and staff are given the opportunity to use some of the latest technology available in our district. Our goal is to provide all students at least one high-performing computer and/or tablet to use throughout the day in a one-to-one ratio. Our inventory of Chromebooks, PC Laptops, Macbooks, and iPads are in the hands of our students, educators, and support staff.  We’re always working with our school community to offer new equipment.  Many of our classrooms are equipped with smart boards that offer an interactive learning environment.
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    Currently, our district has over 1,500 Desktop Computer Systems, 600 Laptops, 500 Macbooks, 2000 iPads, 11,000 Chromebooks, 1,500 Printers, 1,500 Phones, 200 iPod Touches, 680 Classroom Projection Systems, 680 Document Cameras, 250 Student Response Systems, and various accessories.

    A Powerful Network
    Our network supports the technological needs of students in all schools and staff within all of our buildings. Our infrastructure offers a 5gb connection to internet and we utilize a redundant, next-generation firewall solution to protect our network. We provide a secured wireless connection for endpoint connectivity as well as a Bring Your Own Device program for educators and administrators to collaborate via personal devices while on campus. Each building is connected to our network operations center via redundant 10Gb links on Dark Fiber which is maintained and supported by our data center staff.

    Dedicated Staff
    Our technology department, composed of over 20 staff members, works together to provide technology and information technology support for our entire district.  
    All staff and students have email addresses and can access their email online. Student e-mail is filtered in compliance with CIPA and all e-mail is archived in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  

    Educational Technology
    For more information about our district’s educational technology curriculum, please click here.
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