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    To promote student achievement by fostering academic excellence and nurturing their humanity.



    To be the leader in the state of New Jersey in dual, bilingual, and world language education.


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    Bilingual Dept. Staff:

    Mr. Rogelio Suarez, Director Ext. 30260 email: rsuarez@paps.net 

    Ms. Janet Warbeck, Supervisor Ext. 30265 email: jwarbeck@paps.net 

    Dr. Bonnie Molina, Supervisor Ext. 30266 email: bmolina@paps.net 

    Ms. Jahayra Nunez, Secretary Ext. 30261 email: jahanunez@paps.net 

    Ms. Mabel Lamourt, Secretary Ext.20262 email: mabelamourt@paps.net 

    Ms. Amarilis Peralta-Raju, Home-School Liaison Ext. 29426 email: AMARPERALTARAJU@paps.net