Director of Curriculum & Instruction

  • Dr. Jessica Neu
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 30-221


     Curriculum & Instruction


    The Perth Amboy School District is committed to the educational achievement of all students. The focus of the curricula in grades PreK-12 is to ensure that students have access to content knowledge, tools, and strategies that will support and facilitate their academic success in a globalized and complex world.

    The district curricula offer a comprehensive educational program that addresses the academic, socio, and emotional needs of the whole child. The curricula are aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and with the Career and College Readiness Standards and expectations.

    The district curricula also identify the concepts, information, and skills that students are expected to master at the end of each grade while providing educators with a menu of strategies and activities to effectively deliver instruction in a meaningful and engaging manner. 

    We are proud to work collaboratively with staff and support their efforts as lifelong learners who continually pursue professional growth opportunities to best meet the needs of all students.


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