Early Childhood Education

  • Ms. Mary Jo Sperlazza
    District Early Childhood Education Services / Building Administrator [School 7]
    Email:  marysperlazza@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 33-410

    Ms. Dennise Ramos - Secretary
    Email:  dennramos@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 33-410
    Mrs. Maribel Falsone - Secretary
    Email:  marifalsone@paps.net
    Phone: (732) 376-6200 ext. 33-411


    # 7

    Early Childhood Office located at School #7
    163 Patterson Street
    Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
    Ext. 33410


    Ignacio Cruz E.C.C.

    Ignacio Cruz E.C.C.
    601 Cortlandt Street 
    Perth Amboy, NJ 08861



    Edmund Hmieleski, Jr. E.C.C
    925 Amboy Ave
    Perth Amboy, NJ 08861


     Message from the Early Childhood Supervisor

    Welcome to Perth Amboy’s Early Childhood Program where children grow and learn!!!

    At Perth Amboy Preschools, our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a stimulating and creative educational environment for our children. Our developmentally appropriate practices provide for the overall intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. We provide a well-rounded program within our warm, positive and caring learning environment to prepare for their school years. We instill in our children a LOVE FOR LEARNING! Perth Amboy Preschool Program is offered in three district Early Childhood Schools and five community-based child care centers, a total of 101 classrooms.

    Our 17 year program has been using The State of New Jersey Department of Early Childhood approved preschool curriculum, The Creative Curriculum and assessment component TS Gold in all preschool classrooms. The curriculum planning and assessment successfully prepares each child academically and socially.

    The preschool program provides many supports for children and families. Master teachers provide in class support to all classrooms. Master teachers conduct classroom observations using the ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) to determine the strengths and needs in the classroom. The 7 point scale is used to determine the strengths and needs in the classroom. We are proud of our high scores (6.05) throughout the years. These scores are used to facilitate professional development to assist all staff in providing the best program for our children.

    A social emotional curriculum is used to teach skills to help children manage feeling, cooperate, and solve problems. If additional support is warranted, The PIRT Team (Preschool Intervention and Referral Team) members provide assistance to staff and families of children experiencing difficulties in learning and/or behavior. Assistance is provided through classroom interventions, referrals to outside agencies, and parent information and support

    Our preschools provide a safe and healthy environment. Our nursing team provides health-rated screening and services for all students. Our preschool nurses also educate children, parents, and staff about safety, nutrition, and appropriate health topics. We are fortunate to have so many supports offered to our students and families.

    We are delighted that your child is part of our preschool family! We look forward to getting to know each child as we grow together this year. Our program will provide each child with a safe and loving learning environment. Each day will be filled with fun and exciting adventures to help your child develop and grow. Each class will be learning and exploring many concepts and studies throughout this year, and we are excited to begin our successful journey together.

    As the early childhood supervisor, I open the door for you to discover the JOY OF LEARNING through our developmentally appropriate preschool program. We look forward to watching your child learn, grow, and flourish throughout this year.


    Mary Jo Sperlazza



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    For further information call:  732-376-6251


    Mrs. Mary Jo Sperlazza, Early Childhood Supervisor

      Ms. Dennise Ramos, Secretary ext. 33-410 

    Mrs. Maribel Falsone, Secretary ext. 33-411


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    Creative Curriculum

     Creative Curriculum

    National Association for the Education of Young Children (1997)


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