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The following resources and information are gathered by the School Health Services department.  Please contact Mrs. Eva Kucaba at 732-376-6200 ext 30-415 with any questions or issues.

Nursing/Health Information

2. AED Information
3. Asthma Information/Form
- Asthma Information
4. Bed Bugs
Fact Sheet (English)
Fact Sheet (Español)
5. Fifth Disease
6. Food Intolerance or Food Allergy
7. Flu/Cold/Allergy
8. Guidelines for Keeping Sick Children Home
9. Head Lice
10. Health Services Handbooks
A. Pre - K
B. K – 8
C. 9 – 12
11. Immunization Requirements/Information
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- Varicella (chicken pox) Immunization
- Hepatitis B Immunization

12. Lead Poisoning
13. Meningitis Vaccination
14. MRSA
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15. Perth Amboy Public Schools Nurse Directory
16. Perth Amboy Public Schools Health Center
-Student Health Screening Programs(.pdf)
17. Physical Examinations Information/Forms
18. Student Accidents
19. Student Health Screening Program (Broken Link to PDF)
20. Administration of Medication Information/Forms
- Medications Administration
- Self Administration of Medication


Students who have been diagnosed by their health care providers with asthma are required to submit to the school nurse an Asthma Action Plan.

Asthma Action Plan forms are available from any school nurses office.

Every school (Pre K 12) is equipped with a nebulizer in the event your child needs asthma medication during school hours. All Asthma medication must be supplied by the parent/guardian and be accompanied by a signed Administration of Medication In School form. These forms are available from any school nurses office.


Automated External Defibrillators are life-saving devices used for emergency purposes by trained certified individuals. Defibrillators are designed to deliver a shock to the heart in unresponsive victims with no breathing and no signs of circulation.

Every school building as well as the administration building is equipped with a defibrillator. For additional information ask the school nurse or the building security staff.

*Hepatitis B Requirement

Effective immediately all students in grades K, 1, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are required to have 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccinations.

Children transferring into the district in grades 7 & 8 are also required to show proof of 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccination.

According to the State Health Department School Health Guidelines the first (1) dose must be received before entering school, the second (2) vaccination no later than 3 months after receiving the first dose and the third (3) dose no later than 12 months following the first dose.

Any student in a comparable age level special education program must also comply with the law and receive 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccination.

Should you need additional information please call your child's school nurse.


Administrative policy of the Perth Amboy Public Schools requires the school nurse to have written permission from the parent and attending physician.

Medication administered by the school nurses should be done only in exceptional circumstances wherein the child's health maybe jeopardized.

Forms may be secured from any school nurses office.

*Meningitis Vaccination

A new law as of January 2004 now requires the meningitis vaccination for all New Jersey college bound students.

Meningitis is an infection or inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

If your son/daughter is a senior and will be attending college in the fall of 2005 they will need to receive the meningitis vaccination.

Please check with your child's health care provider for more information.

*Varicella (chicken pox) Immunizations

Immunization against chicken pox (varicella) is now required for entry to day care, pre-school, kindergarten and first grade. Chickenpox is a common, usually mild, acute viral illness with a characteristic rash that most children contract before age 10.

Children whose physicians or parents submit a written statement of past history of varicella disease will be in compliance with the new rule.