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    Perth Amboy Television is a Public, Educational, and Governmental Access channel operated by the Perth Amboy Board of Education in cooperation with the municipal government. The facility is located at Perth Amboy High School and is an integral part of the District Technology Department. The channel is designed to disseminate information to both the community and parents. A Bulletin Board broadcasts notices, calendars, activities, schedules, etc. from all district schools, municipal offices, and non-profit organizations. The station also serves as an emergency management tool as part of the district's crisis communication plan. PATV is broadcast on Comcast Cable Television (Channel 34) and Verizon FiosTV (Channel 46 for the community bulletin board and Channel 47 for regular programming).

     A weekly schedule of original programming supplements the channel's offering. Each of the district's schools produces programs highlighting students, parents, activities, and information relative to their school. Other programs cover various topics, which are presented by district administrators, supervisors/directors, the superintendent, and Board of Education members. Such programs relay information and are designed to create stronger links between the schools, parents, students, and the community.
    In the process, they learn about and work with video cameras, switchers, special effects generators, video recorders, editing systems, mixing boards, microphones, computer animation and titling software, lighting equipment, and staging equipment. These courses offer students an exciting opportunity to learn about technology in a hands-on environment.
    PATV is also an integral part of the High School's Technology Curriculum. PATV's editing and broadcast facilities are available to those high school students who are interested in learning about media technology. The High School offers various courses in which students can actively participate and learn about the operation of the channel. Students are exposed to audio, video, computer, and multi-media technologies.