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K-4 Summer School Program

Duration: July 6-30, 2021

Times: 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Curriculum Focus: Math and LAL with the integration of Art, Music, Technology, and PhyEd.

Program will be open for Level III bilingual students and special education students not attending the ESY program.

Student Selection Criteria: Students who need summer support in the areas of language arts and math at the elementary level. Priority will be given to students who are struggling academically.


The district will offer a hybrid summer school program for students in grades K-4. The program is intended to support student achievement by providing additional hybrid instruction in literacy and math skills. Students who are struggling the most in their academics will be invited to attend the program. The curriculum will focus on early literacy skills through the teaching of phonological awareness, letter sound correspondence, sight words and comprehension. In addition, the program will have a math component which will address K-4 math computation skills, math fluency, and math critical thinking. One hour of instruction will be dedicated to Reading and math instruction respectively. As part of the program, we also want to engage students by infusing the visual and performing arts via art and music lessons which will alternate with physical education classes.  The program will help students advance in the core academic areas, but the children will also have FUN!!  Parents have the option of selecting an all remote or hybrid option for their children.