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Transition to Kindergarten Summer Program

Duration: July 6 - 30, 2021

Times: 9:00 am - 11:30 pm

Location: Patten & Wilentz Elementary Schools

Curriculum Focus: ELA, Math, and Social Emotional Learning

Program will be open for Dual Language and Special Education students not attending the ESY program

Student Selection Criteria: Students who need summer support in the areas of language arts, math and social emotional learning at the PreK 4 level. Priority will be given to students who are struggling academically.


The district will offer a hybrid summer school program for students in PreK4 who are transitioning to kindergarten in September 2021. The program is intended to support student achievement by providing additional hybrid instruction in literacy, math, and social emotional skills. Students who are struggling the most in their academics will be invited to attend the program. The curriculum will focus on early literacy and mathematics skills through the teaching of letter identification, letter sound correspondence, sight words, identification of numbers, counting up to at least 20, identification of shapes, and identification of colors. The curriculum will also be based on studies or themes to integrate all content areas. As part of the program, we also want to engage students by infusing social emotional pieces to the day. Parents and students will have access to a non-traditional psychiatrist who will rotate through classes, identify students in need and provide virtual parent workshops regarding kindergarten readiness information.  Parents have the option of selecting an all remote or hybrid option for their children.