Resources for Staff

  • As our remote learning plan is implemented, it is essential that staff have contact information for students enabling and ensuring communication with them during this time.  Please make sure you are actively engaging, communicating regularly and sharing relevant District correspondence with parents and students during the school closure.

    If you are in need of any assistance during this time, please contact your building principal. Also, all District Administrators are also working remotely and constantly monitoring their emails if you have any questions or concerns.

    Please see the following reminders about daily attendance and expectations.

    Attendance: Staff must sign in during regular contractual hours.

    Staff Attendance Form (Updated 12/30/21)

    We created a step by step tutorial with directions showing how to submit your attendance with your PAPS credentials in the google form. Please refer to the link below:

    Staff Attendance Tutorial  

    Teacher Reminders (Updated 12/30/21)

    Teachers, thank you for continuing to educate, innovate, and quite literally change the world we live in with your use of technology with our beautiful children. The tips below will assist you as you deliver the Perth Amboy brand of engaging and dynamic remote learning in 2022.

    The Perth Amboy 2022 Remote Learning Teacher Toolbox:

    Teacher Toolkit

    On January 3rd, we are reopening the Remote Learning Helpline

    Please join the Google Meet During School Hours:

    Remote Learning Helpdesk

    Please join the Google Classroom for Technology Help During Remote Instruction

    2022 GC

    District Instructional Technology Resources

    Video: Updates in Google Meet and Google Classroom

    Recent Updates in Google Meet and Google Classroom

    GC GM

    Co-Hosting Information for Co-Teaching Teams 

    To prepare for remote instruction please make sure that your Google Meet links in the district directory are up to date.  Please email Dr. Pepe, Ms. Tisch, or an Instructional Leader for a link to the Internal Directory.

    • Make sure you are available via e-mail between regular working hours (follow your daily schedule).
    • Check email/district website frequently for updates and reminders.
    • Promptly respond to emails by students, teachers, or administrators.


    Technology Support:

    Should staff experience an issue with a district issued device or application please submit a KACE ticket at:

    • A technician will get back to you via phone or email provided to help resolve your issue.
    • A tutorial about submitting KACE tickets can be found here:  KACE Ticket Tutorial