• Perth Amboy Middle School Girls Basketball

     HOME games are played at McGinnis Middle School at 4:00:
    271 State Street
    Perth Amboy, NJ, 08861
    All students participating in ANY school sports team must have a completed physical. There are two ways of doing this:
    1. Get one from the school doctors during the time announced for FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the school year for this. They will automatically be sent to the school Nurse, and then evaluated for clearing. 
    2. If you go to your family physician, you MUST hand in that physical ASAP to the school Nurse. The school/district needs to evaluate the physical from your doctor. This will take longer than the previous option. 
    There is a process. It can take 2 weeks to "clear" a student's physical, which is why it is important that both students and parents know to 1. get a physical and 2. hand it in to the Nurse ASAP at least 2 weeks prior to tryout dates. 
    NO student will be allowed to tryout or participate unless his or her name is on the "cleared" list, OR you have received a letter in the mail from the district doctor stating that the student is eligible to participate in the sport.
    *Do not wait last minute for this. Physicals are crucial and time sensitive as to when they are received by the school and then processed.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Physicals

    1.       How do I get the forms for completing a physical?

    There is always an interest meeting before a sport begins. At this meeting the coaches talk about expectations and hand out important information you will need. The coaches will have the physical forms and pass them out to everybody who attends. Ask the coach, or even the Nurse at your school; they will provide you with one.


    2.       Where can I get a physical done?

    Every sport season there are free physicals performed at the schools in town for students. The times and dates of these free physicals will be announced by the school, when they become available. This is your best option.

    If you miss the free physical provided by Perth Amboy schools, you will need to see your doctor. Bring your forms to the doctor and make sure he/she signs off on all of it. The moment you have it completed you must bring it to the Nurse as soon as possible. If you do not do this, and you hold onto it, then nobody on our end will know you ever had one completed.


    Just getting one done and holding onto it is no use. The moment you have it completed you absolutely need to hand it in to the Nurse as soon as possible.  The process after that takes approximately 2 weeks. At that point, you should receive a letter saying that you have been cleared for physical activity in that sport.


    3.      What if I played a sport in the fall or winter and I want to play in the spring? Do I need another physical?

    The physical you have handed in is good for one year. If you got one in fall for soccer, and want to try out for basketball in the winter, you do not need to get a new physical. You are fine.


    However, if you handed in a physical one year ago, and that one year “anniversary” is approaching…you absolutely need to get another physical. If you make the team and your physical expires in the middle of the season, you cannot participate until you’ve had another physical done, sent in to the Nurse, and cleared again. So, if you know that your physical that was handed in a year ago will expire soon, please schedule for another physical.


    4.      I got my physical filled out by my doctor a while ago, but today is the day of tryouts and I never handed it in to the Nurse. Why can’t I just give it to the coach?

    The coaches are not the people who clear your physicals. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided and hand it in to the Nurse at least 2 weeks before try out dates. The coaches are not responsible for you not doing your part. If you did not get a physical, and hand it in to the Nurse at least 2 weeks before try out dates, then the coaches have no choice but to prohibit you from trying out. Those are the rules.


    5.       I’m getting a physical by my doctor done 1 day before try outs. Is that okay?

    No. It takes 2 weeks for our district offices to review the physical and “clear” you. You should have either gone to the free physical clinic provided by the district before tryouts, or should have scheduled your doctor’s appointment WAY before 1 day before try outs.


    You need a physical that has been “cleared” by the Nurse’s office BEFORE trying out for basketball. No exceptions.

    2:45pm-5pm at Shull School OR Wilentz School
    Your coaches will let you know if it is at Wilentz
    Always be prepared with your practice clothes and sneakers.
    Tip: Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated!
    Coach Kitora Jones
    Coach Janiri Tavarez
     Athletic Director
    Nephtaly Cardona 
    732-376-6030 ext: 23408