RULES: No conjunctions are allowed in writing. Numbers are to be written out, and contractions must have apostrophes.
     The first essay for the first marking period is a  four paragraph narrative essay.  A narrative essay tells a story. This type of essay follows the general plot structure format. This type of format consists of a story with  a beginning, followed by rising action, then a climax, falling action, and lastly a denouement or ending. This form of essay always needs conflict and a solution at the end. A conflict is a problem in the story. 
        Our essays usually have a focal correction area. Focal correction areas are the key areas that will be evaluated in the essay. For this form of an essay the focal correction areas are dialogue, transitions, similes and metaphors.
    In the opening students introduce the setting and characters and the thesis or main idea. 
    In the two body paragraphs students tell their story. In the body students should include their focal correction areas or FCA's. Students should use dialogue, include a simile, a metaphor, and use transitions in between their words.
    In the conclusion the problem should be solved and the student needs to tell their audience what they learned.