•                                                                    WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL NURSE OFFICE 

    Mrs. Joann Ruiz,RN,BSN,CSN  
    ext 2441
    Ms. Debbie Petrizzo, RN,MSN
    ext 24416
    Ms. Margaret Armstrong
    ext 24-418
    Preventing Illness                                              
    What does a school nurse do?

    A school nurse:

    Provides direct care to students, helping students manage chronic illness and                                                                         Is it a Cold or the FLU?

    attending to injuries and acute illnesses;

    Collaborates with the student, the family, and the student’s medical home to develop

    and implement a plan of care;

    Provides care to students with special health care needs, working with the child study

    team and the medical home to ensure that appropriate health accommodations are


    Provides leadership for all aspects of school health by working with administrators to

    ensure that health-promoting policies and practices are adopted, implemented, and

    evaluated. Participates on school and district committees that address health and safety;                                                             When to stay home

    Implements screening and referral programs to address student health issues that

    may impact both health and learning;

    Works closely with the school physician, community healthcare providers, the student

    and his/her family to ensure that identified health problems are addressed;

    Supports public health initiatives that address infectious disease control, immunization requirements, and sanitation efforts;

    Promotes a safe and healthy physical environment;

    Collaborates with the school and community to promote a safe and positive climate

    and culture;

    Educates students, staff, families, and the community about health issues;                            


    Supports school and community-based programs and services focused on health

    and wellness.


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