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Remote Learning

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 Google classroom codes  and google meets





Period 1. 5th grade  a - day   room 14

P.E      efz3wgk                 

Period 2 . 5th grade  a- day   room 6

P.e      3tqtrlw           


Period 3.    6th grade a- day  room 316

P.E      ruygg74          

Period 5.     7th grade  a- day   room 228

P.E.  ybqgxk               

Period 5.     7th grade  b- day   room 210

P.E  uqdwq74             

Period 6.     8th grade   a- day    room 105

 H.  rslzplk

 period 6     8th grade   b day     room 135

P.E  csnsown

Period 8.     6th grade   a- day   room 324

  H. mkdussb




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Hello my name is Shawn Tisch,  I began here at McGinnis March, 2019. I am very excited to enjoy teaching and learning with the students here at McGinnis.  It happens that I've graduated from Kean University in 2017. Kean provided me with the credentials and the opportunity to become the Physical Education teacher I am today.

Should you need to contact me, the best way is through email. 

Shawn Tisch

Physical Education and Health

Phone number: (732)-376-6040 ext. 24445)

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