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    While there are many possible topics I would love to discuss with my students, because of time constraints I had to limit them. So I have 2 objectives when I have a class: First, to teach them how to find information. The World Wide Web is saturated with information. Finding the right information can be difficult and sometimes next to impossible. When you do a Google search you usually are given millions of websites, the majority of which are either off topic, incorrect, or some kind of scam. So first we go over how to use search engines, specifically Google, to find the right web pages with the best information. My second objective is to teach my students how to evaluate websites. Since anyone is able to post things on line for free, most of what is out there can NOT be trusted. So we go over what to look for when you find a website that you think has the correct answer. How do you know if the website is credible? How do you know if what it is saying can be trusted? That is basically what we go over for the marking period.