• School Counseling Department

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    Grade and Room Number



    Ms. iBeth Romero

    Guidance Counselor

    Counseling Suite

    Grade 8

    24 - 421


    Miss Mervette Jebarra

    Guidance Counselor

    Room 144

    Grade 6



    Ms. Ivana Martinez

    Guidance Counselor

    Room 145

    Grade 7 

     24 - 420  ivanMartinez@paps.net

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Our School Counseling Program is designed to promote school success by focusing on prevention and early intervention, academic achievement, social/emotional and career development. The primary goal is to promote and enhance your child's school experience by working together with you.

    Comprehensive Counseling Program

    The following is a brief description of some of the services available to students, parents, and staff from the counseling office:

    Consultative Services
    The counselor will offer consultative services to parents/guardians and teachers regarding the developmental growth of their children, and referrals to outside agencies will be offered to parents to assist with the needs of their child.

    Classroom Programs
    The following is a brief description of some of the programs offered to students in small groups or classroom guidance. The purpose of the programs may depend on the needs of the students.

    Conflict Resolution: We will assist the administration in resolving student conflicts.
    Programs based on a special interest or need of a specific class (Example: social skills, bullying, new students).
    Drug Counseling (SAC Counselor)
    Character Education
    Career Awareness
    Small Group Counseling: Small groups will be formed to meet the needs of students and will meet for a specified time. Parent/guardian permission is required.
     Individual Counseling: Meeting the ongoing or critical needs of individual students is the primary focus of the counselor.
    Short-term solution-focused counseling will be offered to students. A student may see the counselor by: 
    • Student request
    • Administration/Teacher/Staff request
    A child may see the Counselor for:
    • Academic difficulties
    • Inappropriate behavior
    • Social interaction problems
    • Adjustment to school
    • Family situations
    • Difficult decisions
    • Success and accomplishments
    • Happy occasions
    • Crisis
    • Any other area of concern
    The William C. McGinnis Middle School Counseling Department looks forward to working with our staff, students, and parents during this school year. By working together we can make this your child's most successful year yet.
    We look forward to meeting you at school activities throughout the year!