Hi, my name is Ms. Fazzina and I am super excited to be the Media Specialist here at McGinnis. Happy Holidays!!  It's been a pleasure meeting so many of you here at our COOL library!!  I am proud to announce that all of our new books have arrived and they are being processed and placed on the shelves.  Thank you to the classes who have been coming for library "lessons" and book check.  I don't think the library has been this active in a long time.  I'm so happy that you are enjoying it!  I look forward to meeting and teaching many more of you as the year goes on.  


    Here is a link to a very trustworthy, reliable website for both children and parents, Try to check it out if you have a minute.  Here is a list of The Best Entertainment of 2021. Click Here  I know we struggle to keep our children off of their devices, but if we don't completely succeed, maybe we can share this entertainment with them instead!  LOL


    You should check out your very own local, public library here in Perth Amboy.  It's located at 196 Jefferson St.  I have applications here in the media centee for students to fill out and return to receive their very own library card.  I was just sworn in as a Trustee for the Perth Amboy Library Board of Trustees and am looking forward to a bright future combining our school and the use of the public libary, I would love to build a virtual bridge from McGinnis to our public library.  I've been appointed for five years and I am anticipating many exciting, wonderful plans in the near future for our Perth Amboy Public Library.




    There are lots of important messages on our school webpage, please make it a habit to checkout our page at,  


    My email is  Please email with with any questions, concerns, or ideas!!

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