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    Welcome to my page! My name is Dan Harning and I teach 7th grade biology.
    SAFETY is my utmost concern!  YOU MUST ALWAYS WALK SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY AND NOT FOOL AROUND IN ANY WAY! There are many glass cabinets and aquariums as well as LIVE animals in the room. If you do get hurt, even just a little bit, or if you break something, you must let me know immediately so the appropriate actions can be taken to keep you and everyone else safe.
     We have an A/D schedule where we switch between science and social studies every three days. If there is an emergency closure such as a snow day, the schedule adjusts so no days in the three day period are missed. Be prepared for class each day by having your notebook, pen/pencil, a positive willingness to learn and your RESPECT with you AT ALL TIMES! When you get in class, immediately check the board for the days Objective and assignment. You are required to write it in your notebook every day. Also, ANY notes I write on the board must be copied into your notebook as well. Interruptions due to rudeness and nonsense disrupt the educational process and restrict ALL students from learning and will not be tolerated.
    I randomly check individual notebooks just to make constructive comments and will gladly review notebooks when asked by students for guidance. As you complete your notes, bring them up to be checked as a classwork grade, NEVER rip them out to hand in! My grading policy is the district grading policy. Formative assessments such as tests, quizzes, labs, projects are all weighted 60%, Classwork such as notes, worksheets, time spent on labs and projects are all weighted 35%, lastly homework is 5%. 
    As mentioned above, there are many live animals in the room. As a Marine Biologist I feel the best way to learn about biology is to witness and study it first hand. I do not buy these animals from  pet shops, they are all rescued/adopted from those that could no longer take care of them properly. So they would be dead if I did not rescue them. I say this because many people comment on how they feel bad for them being in tanks, the alternative was much worse. The animals are all reptiles or fish so allergies are not a problem. NONE of the animals are venomous. There are 7 snakes, 7 turtles, 2 lizards, and a Perth Amboy Waterfront saltwater Aquarium. We have petting zoo days and feeding zoo days. Feeding days are usually once per month while petting days can be frequently throughout the month. However, both are Extracurricular rewards that are earned by classes by completing all of their work and just as important being quiet and respectful of the animals while feeding or handling. Rest assured all students are thoroughly trained on how to handle the animals and how to recognize any signs of distress so that the animals and students are not put in any jeopardy! Some of these animals have been here as long as I have and have always been treated as pets with great care and affection. They respond to the way they are treated. Zoo days have always been a favorite among my students and I'd like to continue that tradition.
    Lastly, back to respect, I handle all of my discipline. I try to keep everything between you and me first. It is understood and demonstrated daily that you have my respect. I will always ask you, my students, politely for everything and respect your privacy. I will speak to you privately if needed out in the hallway or after class. I may shout or whistle to get the class's attention but I will NEVER yell at an individual, I have far too much respect for myself and you as a person, NOONE responds well to being yelled at! I do not believe in "Because I said so!" I will always give a reason for my requests and actions and will always listen to reasonable explanations to events, but I will not argue with you. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation when I ask you to do something because it is always in the best interest of you and the class. I do not hold grudges, everyday is a new day, we all have one of those days every once in a while and I understand and appreciate that. If you communicate that to me before hand we can avoid many problems. I am very flexible and understanding when you tell me the truth upfront, I have no reason not to always believe you. That is how I work. If I find out otherwise, I am not lenient, but I am forgiving. I do not write up people unless I absolutely must for legal or safety reasons. If after all of my efforts to communicate with you I still can not get the desired result, I will call home and speak to a parent or guardian. Remember, you and I are the only ones in the classroom and we are on the same team!
    Google classroom codes: A 1/2 HR 210:c53xaqv   A3/5 HR 221: 6fsezep     A7/8 HR 217:ubi6l7      B1/2 HR218: viajhp3     B3/5 HR 215: doh4dtr     B7/8 HR223: whzg7ri
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