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    Welcome to my page! My name is Dan Harning and I teach 7th and 8th grade science. 7th grade is physics and chemistry. 8th grade is biology.
    SAFETY is my utmost concern! This is a semi-functional science lab room, by semi-functional I mean our student lab tables have the gas and water shut off, with an eyewash and fire extinguisher. The tables are fixed to the floor and are unforgiving even if accidentally bumped. The stools  do not have backs and some even spin! YOU MUST ALWAYS WALK SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY AND NOT FOOL AROUND IN ANY WAY! There are many glass cabinets and aquariums as well as LIVE animals in the room. If you do get hurt, even just a little bit, or if you break something, you must let me know immediately so the appropriate actions can be taken to keep you and everyone else safe.
     Be prepared for class each day by having your notebook, workbook, pen/pencil, a positive willingness to learn and your RESPECT with you AT ALL TIMES! Of course, don't forget your SOP's! The McGinnis School SOP's are posted on the main school webpage since they are school wide and followed by all.
     Since we only technically have 45 minutes per day, in reality 40 minutes at best, I need your immediate cooperation and attention as soon as we get in and completely throughout the entire period. Interruptions due to rudeness and nonsense disrupt the educational process and restrict ALL students from learning.
    I randomly check individual notebooks just to make constructive comments and will gladly review notebooks when asked by students for guidance. However, I officially check notebooks 2 times per marking period. Once, the week before progress reports then, right before the end of the marking period. It is mandatory to hand in a notebook, it contains at least 45% of your grade (daily classwork 15%, homework 10%, Labs 20%) ! It will also contain all test corrections which will help boost your test grades which are 30% and quizzes 25%. 
    I also collect and grade our workbooks which are consumable text books. That also contributes to your classwork and homework grades. This is a very easy grade because before I collect and grade the workbooks I go over all of the assignments and give all of the correct answers, all you have to do is attempt the assignment first, and then make any necessary corrections when we go over it. By not correcting your work, you are showing me that you are not paying attention in class and not caring about your work.
    Lastly, back to respect, I handle all of my discipline. I try to keep everything between you and me first. It is understood and demonstrated daily that you have my respect. I will always ask you, my students, politely for everything and respect your privacy. I will speak to you privately if needed out in the hallway or after class. I may shout or whistle to get the class's attention when clapping(SOP) doesn't work, but I will NEVER yell at an individual, I have far too much respect for myself and you as a person, NOONE responds well to being yelled at! I do not believe in "Because I said so!" I will always give a reason for my requests and actions and will always listen to reasonable explanations to events, but I will not argue with you. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation when I ask you to do something because it is always in the best interest of you and the class. I do not hold grudges, everyday is a new day, we all have one of those days every once in a while and I understand and appreciate that. If you communicate that to me before hand we can avoid many problems. I am very flexible and understanding when you tell me the truth upfront, I have no reason not to always believe you. That is how I work. If I find out otherwise, I am not lenient, but I am forgiving. I do not write up people unless I absolutely must for legal or safety reasons. If after all of my efforts to communicate with you I still can not get the desired result, I will call home and speak to a parent or guardian. Remember, you and I are the only ones in the classroom and we are on the same team!
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