Welcome to Math 6!



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Alyssa Doctor

Welcome to Sixth Grade Math. My name is Ms. Doctor and I am very excited to have you in class. Below are the policies and procedures for my class. Together, we are going to strive for a successful year!


The best way to contact me outside of class is through email. Please allow one full school day for me to reply. My email address is alysdoctor@paps.net


Google Classroom and Remind App Codes are the same codes.

Class codes for 2020-2021:

Homeroom 305: p3zkij4

Period 1/2- iw4pc54

Period 3/5- jb4mmzg 

Period 6/7- zkznauq


Remind App Codes for 2020-2021

Period 1/2- iw4pc54

Period 3/5- jb4mmzg 

Period 6/7- zkznauq


Online Learning Expectations:

You are expected to log in at the start of class, and remain online for the duration of the block. Your microphone and camera must be on at all times. (No avatars) You are to participate in classroom discussions. Find a quiet place in your house to focus on lessons and school work. Please keep in mind that we are in school from 8:01 A.M. until 2:38 P.M. everyday. Therefore; the same classroom expectations apply while online and in person. 

*Failure to follow online learning expectations may result in an absence for the school day and/or points deducted from your final grade.



60%- Tests, quizzes and projects

35%- Classwork, centers and ALEKS

5%- Homework

You will have many opportunities  to do well in my class. If you are struggling, I will be more than happy to help you. Make sure to ask questions when needed. 


Grading Scale:

A+     98-100         B+    87-89           C+     77-80               D     65-69

A       95-97           B       84-86          C       74-76                F      55-64

A-       90-94          B-     80-83           C-     70-73


Homework: Homework will be given regularly to reinforce and practice skills we are learning in class. It is important that homework is handed in on time. Do not forget to show your work on all assignments. This way, I can see how you arrived at your answer and help with any mistakes. 

Homework will be graded as follows: 100% will be given on assignments that are entirely done and show step by step work. 85% will be given on assignments that are mostly done and show most step by step work. 75% will be given on  assignments that are partially done and show partial work. If less than half of an assignment is handed in, then you will not receive credit. 


Infinite Campus: Homework, classwork, tests, quizzes, and projects will be graded on the day they are due. Grades will be posted to infinite campus by the end of the school day.