Mr. Edgardo Vazquez
    7th Grade Social Studies Room 237
    2019 - 2020 School Year
    Email: edgavazquez@paps.net
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    Dear Parent/Guardian,
    My name is Mr. E. Vazquez and I am your child's 7th grade Social Studies teacher here at the William C. McGinnis Middle School. During this year your child will learn many new things in Social Studies that will create a foundation for future learning. Curriculum areas that we will focus on will be the continuation of ancient World History, specifically on Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Amistad, Middle Ages (Feudal System,The Crusades,and The Plague), Women's History, Holocaust Remembrance, The Renaissance and the History of Perth Amboy. Students will become engaged in thought-provokming unit studies that focus on essential questions, and mehtodologies which promote higher-order thinking and strong consideration for event of the past with regrds to our present day world. Students will express their ideas and opinions through various writing assignments and further refine their litaracy skills by learning new knowledge via informational texts and other print resources. Students will be actively engaged with technology through the use of Chromebooks, Google classroom, NewsELA.com, video presentations and PBLs. 
    Students will be taught and reminded of the student expectations (SEs) and of the classroom rules which they must abide by throughout the day and year here at McGinnis.
    Students are expected to come to school each day redy to learn and actively participate. Homework is given regularly and students are expected to come with their assignments/homework completed each time they come to class. In order for this to be completed and successful, students are expected to come to school each day prepared and ready to work. 
    I would like to remind parents / guardians that I am available to speak to you and discuss your child's academic and behavioral performance via email at edgavazquez@paps.net 
    Please make sure that you have signed up for the parent portal to monitor your child's progress in my class with the parent liaison as well as sign up for the REMIND app that I will be sending home with the students to receive daily updates.
    At any time, parents/guardians can make an appointment to speak with the teachers during our prep times throughout the year via the child's guidance counselor. I also strongly encourage for parents/guardians to attend the parent/teacher conferences offered throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email. 
    By working together, we can make this the best school year ever for your child. 
    Quick reminder tips to help your child throughout the year:
    1. Review your child's homework/backpack every evening
    2. Check here,Google classroom, and REMIND app for assignments and special announcements
    3. Check the parent portal on Infinite Campus periodically to monitor your child's grades and progress. 
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