•  Student Expectations


         The William C. McGinnis Middle School’s Code of Conduct is designed to set high standards and expectations which challenge each and every student while providing them with opportunities to learn how to make good decisions, resolve conflict, work together and develop into mature, responsible, leaders in order to create an environment that is conducive to learning that promotes the safety, security, and well being of all. The William C. McGinnis Middle School Community has developed a School Wide Discipline Plan. The School Wide Discipline plan includes the development and implementation of the behavioral expectations of students throughout the building and loss of privileges that the students will be choosing to lose if they do not follow the Student Expectations. It is to be understood that the loss of a privilege is the choice of the student for choosing not to meet expectations of behavior.


         At the William C. McGinnis Middle School we work collaboratively to get to the root of a student’s behavioral issues. It is our goal to keep all students engaged and motivated in their instructional program without disruption in order to optimize learning. We believe in being consistent, firm but fair, without harming a student’s pride or dignity. We do expect students to behave responsibly, to respect the rights and properties of others, and to work cooperatively with all members of the school community. We expect students to follow the school behavioral guidelines and the specific behavioral guidelines established in each class. Students are accountable to all school personnel for their behavior while on school property, at any school-sponsored function, on a school bus, walking to and from school, in the before, after and Saturday school programs, or in some cases, off school grounds, if the action disrupts the orderly operation of the school, including instances where electronic devices are used.