• R. Sher

    William C. McGinnis School

    7th Grade Language Arts/Room 217


    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, Mastiffs!!!!


    Hi, I am Ms. Sher and I am very happy to be teaching your child Language Arts this year.



    Reader's Workshop:


    In Language Arts, we are working on a Reader's Workshop Unit where we focus on annotating while reading. 

    Students will also be reading an independent reading book throughout the marking period.  They should bring it back and forth to school every day.  Some questions you may want to ask your child as we begin the reading are:

                -Who is the main character? What is the conflict of the novel so far?  What is the setting? 

                -What obstacles has the main character faced thusfar? 

                -What do you predict will happen next? 


    Students are beginning the next Writer's Workshop unit this marking period:  Literary Essay.  Within this unit, students will write about their independent reading book, analyzing the main concepts. 

    Please feel free to ask your child all about Writer's Workshop in their class! 



    Homework Logs:

    Every week, our homework assignment will be to read for 20 minutes at home for three different nights.

    Students will be required to complete a log showing proof.  It will not be a summary.  Instead, they will need to complete any 6 boxes that pertain to their book.  Each box will list questions based on genre, author's purpose, or the character's feelings, motivations, realizations, etc. 


    District Grading Policy:

    Formal and Informal Assessments- 60%

    Classwork- 35%

    Homework- 5% 


    Class Updates:

    I have been sending out class reminders and updates through the Remind Webpage and application.  If you wish to receive these updates, please email me at rachsher@paps.net so I can add you to the list. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions as well!


    Once a month, I will be sending home a newsletter about what we are learning, and an updated class grade.  Students will also be sending you letters periodically about what they have learned.  All of these need to be signed and returned! Please be sure to ask for these papers if you have not seen them. 

    Thank you.  
    Have a great day!