Welcome to my Art class class of 2020-2021!

    Hello, my name is Dorothy Ostermann. I am the art teacher here at

    William C. McGinnis Middle School. I teach grades 5-8. I have a Masters Degree in

    Fine Art and Fashion Design. I have been teaching Art for over 14 years.
    Please feel free to email me or call at the number below.
    Google Classroom Codes for Online Learning (September 2020 )
     A day 
    Period 1 cmb3z2s
    Period 2 kx6z73e
    Period 3 q2a4tyk
    Period 5 53w7e56
    Period 6 q2attte
    Period 8 3yyku4c

    B day
    Period 1 ubnn6nt
    Period 3 xl5q5hz
    Period 5 pfzi5cb
    Period 6 6yvhdt5
    Period 8 wmdtwer
    van gogh
    Art Department
    Ext: x24125 
    Dorothy Ostermann