OBJECTIVE: A persuasive essay is used to convince the reader of the author's opinion or argument. This is a five paragraph essay.
    FOCAL CORRECTION AREAS: Transitions, figurative language, clear opinion statement,  a counter argument and a clear call to action.
    EXAMPLE OF A PERSUASIVE WRITING PROMPT: A friend of yours has recently found money in the park. He or she does not know what to do with the money. In a letter give your friend advice on what they should with the money. Use reasons, and examples to support your writing. 
     I. INTRODUCTION:. A In the opening statement students will start with a GOTCHA statement(quote, anecdote, statistic,  or imagine statement).
     B. Use  3 of the 5 w's ( who is affected by this issue, where is this an issue, why is this an issue)?
    C. Id this a current issue?
    D. Where is it an issue? (Global, city, state, or home.)
     E. Finish by saying: After careful consideration and research you have found that there is/ is not a solution to this issue? Then state your opinion whether you agree or disagree. DO NOT GIVE AWAY ALL YOUR REASONS>>>>WHY WOULD THE READER READ ON????
    II.  BODY PARAGRAPH #1: A. Use a transition and a topic sentence Transitions must fit(i.e. Do not use in addition or in conclusion...yes they are transitions but they do not fit. NEVER USE FIRSTLY, SECONDLY, AND THIRDLY...NEVER....NEVER.....NEVER!!!!!)
    B. Stay on topic! Everything you say in this paragraph  should be tied to the topic sentence. If it doesn't then take it out.
    C. Vary sentences: Provide exclamatory,  declarative, interrogative, and imperative.
    D. Take compositional risks( quote people, personal insight, statistics, and persuasive techniques:  Bandwagon,  and emotional appeals).
    III. Body paragraph #2 : This paragraph is different. In this paragraph the student should include a counterargument which is a statement that goes against your argument and then a rebuttal which supports your argument: Example: (I'm for uniforms) Counterargument: Some people say that uniforms are expensive. Rebuttal: However, buying name brand clothing is more expensive.
     Iv. Body paragraph #3: This paragraph is the same as body paragraph #1
    Th= Transition and restate the prompt and how this argument is relevant
    E= Even though......shows  you understand there are two sides to the story.
    I= Instead of........(gives an alternative)
    R=  Rhetorical question. Puts the argument in their court and makes them think how they are affected.
    C= Call to action. This is the last chance you have to drive your argument home. Make it count!!