• Hello guardians and students,


    My name is Ms Brumbaugh and I am your 6th grade Social Studies for this year. I am so excited to meet all of you and work with you to guarantee an exciting and successful 6th grade year. This is my 15th year teaching 6th Social Studies here in McGinnis school and I absolutely love our topic. During this year we will learn so many exciting things.We will focus primarily on ancient history to look at where we come from and where we are going. Using NJ Student Learning Standards, many hands-on activities, and exciting AVID techniques, students will learn to look at and analyze primary and secondary resources to learn and grow. Below are some important pieces of information to help with success!


                                    TOPICS COVERED IN 6th GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES



    • Geography
    • Hispanic Heritage 
    • Hominids 
    • Ancient Mesopotamia
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Black History 
    • Holocaust
    • Women's History
    • Ancient Indus Valley
    • Ancient China
    • Perth Amboy History



    Class Expectations

    Please make sure you are:

    • prepared
    • prompt
    • respectful
    • following your schoolwide expectations
    • always ready to do your best work!



    Ways to get in touch with me


    Email- robibrumbaugh@paps.net


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    Period 5-6--> text Brum5-6 to 81010  
    Period 10-11--> text Brum10-11 to 81010
    Period 12-13--> text Brum12-13 to 81010  
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